Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Monkees’: 25 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About the TV Boy Band

Sight gags, clever word play and physical comedy, one of the catchiest theme songs in TV history, and, oh yeah, a concept that turned a created-for-television musical act into a chart-topping real-life band that once outsold The Beatles and The Rolling Stones… we’re talking about The Monkees, of course, the groundbreaking 1966-68 TV series that produced more fun — and more hit records — than any other musical-themed primetime show.
The series — which made teen pin-up stars of cast/band members Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith — will mark its official 50th anniversary on September 12, but in celebration of this week’s release of the new complete series Blu-ray collection of the TV show from Rhino, we’re rounding up 25 band tales that might surprise even the most devoted Monkee-head… and which should inspire everyone to take a fresh look at the delightfully silly and meta classic.
1. Which came first: The Monkees TV series or The Monkees, The Monkees’ debut album? The TV series debuted on September 12, 1966, while the as-seen-on-TV group’s first, self-titled album debuted on October 10, 1966. The record, which included the number one hit single “Last Train to Clarksville,” spent 13 weeks atop the Billboard 200 album chart, until it was knocked off by… The Monkees’ second album, More of the Monkees, which included the Neil Diamond-penned number one hit “I’m a Believer.”-read more

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