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I wish to do a blog post about the real Holsworthy and its community to put our town in a better light would anyone like to contribute

Sarah May I've been in Chilsworthy since February and find the people lovely. I go to Holsworthy regularly to get few bits and never had a problem, people always seemed polite. Eaten in the cafe and had smiles and a chat from the old regulars. Fair week was great and a really friendly atmosphere.Rosalie Stoate Right Mark, here goes! I've lived in Holsworthy all of my 59 years as have generations before me of my family. My grandfather and after that my Dad owned Vivians grocery store which is now the CoOp and we lived above the shop, it was fantastic!
I love Holsworthy and could talk about it forever but I'd just like to mention all the events that go on here:
We have the Ruby Run, charity football matches, Vintage Rally, St Peter's Fair ( for a whole week) which includes loads of events and entertainment, Parade of Witness, Armistice Day parade, Holsworthy Agricultural Show, Carnival, HATS shows and the big one that runs for two weeks, the Pantomime, switching on of the Christmas lights, late night Christmas shopping, food festival in the park, recently,there have been plays put on in Badock Gardens, I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten about. That's before you consider what the villages put on too and many Church based events. 
A lot of these events are free and run by people in their own time. 
For anyone that slags off Holsworthy, they really should stop and consider what a wonderful, generous community we live, it's always the same old types that never have a good word to say about the place!
Mary Robertson I also lived in Holsworthy all my life , my children were all schooled here and my grandchildren . Holsworthy as a great community spirit. If you Dont like Holsworthy ,just move some where you do like.Amy Clarke Holsworthy has always been my home and I love it....honestly I don't know what some people expect's a small town with a great community where a lot happens if you can be bothered to get off your arse and take part! XEmma Hedger I moved to Holsworthy Town just over 3 years ago I lived in Kent most of my life I would say I would not go back Holsworthy is a lovely place to live and people are very friendly I have 2 teenage daughters who also have adjusted to there life down here and have settled in well 😊😊Holsworthy Town Holsworthy is awesome, not many towns have the community spirit we do. Our town will also remain a traditional town for many years to come because of the people who make it awesome.
Also, what town lets you get pissed up in public with free live music for a week? 

Cmon... Holsworthy is awesome on so many levels
Roger Woodward Me and my wife have live in Holsworthy Town for nealy 7-8 years now . moveing hear was the best thiing we ever did. We came form berkshire and if you have never lived any were eles in you life you mite think this is a shit holl but think again when you have come from somewear that has increasing kife , gun, sexlal crime on your door step every day. We moved hear to give us and my kids a better life ok everwere has crime but how often do you see police in town. We think holsworthy is a grate place with a grate8 community to live in. We love it.😄Charlotte Henry I have a special place in my heart for Holsworthy. I've live in and around Holsworthy for years, but having moved back 18 months ago with family in tow, we couldn't wait to leave the shackles of town behind. 
I wonder what the future will hold for the
 next generation, which seems to be split into two, those who leave to earn money and those who stay and depend on hand outs, (not that I stand here in judgement at all, but if it's not the farmers depending of EU grands and gov funding then it's the poverty stricken society who have little prospect of a highly paid job, even if 'they' work still having to depend on tax credits to support their families) 
With poverty in mind I wonder who allowed, the most expensive in the whole of Uk supermarket to stay in town, ever increasing the divided between those who can and those who can't. Thank goodness ALDI moved to Bideford because people of Holsworthy are getting ripped off from Waitroes and Co op, every day and no one can do anything about it!!! 

I do wonder how you get such bad people of society and how none dose anything to stop the pure evil. But everyone's a hard man on moan and groan!!

The secondary school, omg where do I start... I am so disappointed by that school it's crazy. How Mrs Isles is still there I don't know, she has systematically turned every kid away from music and there are files of complaints about her but still Fitzsimons protects her and gives her a wage ,which in my opinion she is a thief by taking because she dose nothing to earn that money in fact she puts so much effort into getting the kids to hate music that by the time kids have options she may only get 2-3 per class, and even then they don't A*!!!! 
PE is compulsory there to to compensate for the lack of education regarding food, (Kennerdy gets kids to add sugar to pasta water etc... Wtf... ) 

Omg I could go on forever but I've got to live a life... 
Michael Curtis It's a wonderful Town . Amazing support every time we have needed it . Urge to all to volunteer to help with the events to ensure they continueJane Holmes My grand daughters both went to Holsworthy school. The eldest left 2 yrs ago with 9 passes, the 2nd left this summer and is expected to do equally well. No complaints. If you don't like the town, then work hard to make it better - simples.Jake Moriarty Holsworthy to me as an outsider (Bude) has the nostalgia that we all moan about losing. Friendly community, unspoiled architecture, good value shops with local assistants, an agricultural working town with excellent markets and wholesalers on perimeters. My biggest worry is that unless you guys keep abreast of planning depts. you will go the same way as us and Newquay. Please, please don't let this happen. I love going to Holsworthy for a breath of fresh air.Andrea Jessop I moved our factory here last year and it was the best thing I have done. I was asked if we would be ambasadors to encourage others, but when I asked if there was plans to build anymore industrial units to house potential businesses the answer was no. Personally I think that needs to be addressed to encourange other businesses here and therefore work opportunities.
Amy Clarke I agree with the work issue...but there is football, gymnastics, theatre, dance , karate and army cadets to name a few for things to do...not bad I reckon! X
LikeReply3-thanks for all the replies i moved to holsworthy a year ago and find it better than the big main towns mark aka ghostman .

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