Sunday, 31 July 2016

A look back at Solar Impulse 2’s extraordinary round-the-world solar flight

Solar Impulse 2 pilots Bertrand Piccard (R) and Andre Borschberg (L) waves to the crowd after landing in Abu Dhabi to finish their world flight on July 26, 2016.In March 2015, solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 took on the mammoth task of a round-the-world flight without a drop of fuel.
More than a year later, the plane successfully landed back Tuesday where it started and has managed to clock up a number of world records. Dubbed as the "definition of adventure" by its pilots and having brought solar-powered technology to the forefront of people's minds, CNBC takes a look back at some of Solar Impulse 2's most noteworthy moments during its round-the-world trip.

Before taking flight

The concept of Solar Impulse actually dates back to 1999, when pilot Bertrand Piccard flew around the globe in a balloon. On his trip with Brian Jones, Piccard became extremely conscious of the amount of fuel needed during the voyage; triggering a desire to ensure his next round-the-world flight was fuel and more

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