Sunday, 17 July 2016

lynx updated news

new cages were built over the weekend to catch missing lynx-flaviu after the crafty cat sneaked into 2 cages and managed to run off with the bait.benjamin mee - owner of dartmoor zoo =we are putting our hopes on a larger trap we have built.2 keepers were asked to go in new cage to find way out but could,t=.zoo keepers from the zoo are going to play recordings of flaviu mother to lure the 2 year old big cat out of hiding .so far 35 staff ,police with helicopters ,scent dogs,25 traps have failed to capture flaviu.the recording of mothers call will be played all night at dartmoor zoo and some of mothers straw bedding has been shipped from  port lympne,kent where flaviu came from. a petition has been started on calling for dartmoor zoo owner benjamin mee to return this  carpathian lynx to its previuos home at port lympe zoo ,kent .sam srofts person behind pertition =thinks it is wrong to use the mothrs call or bedding to get the 2 year flaviu to return to zoo and also either get both cats-mother-to at dartmoor zoo ar back to port lympe zoo ,kent .in other news ben me is still conerdent on capturing the lynx as search area is same and food has been taked from key sites and experts will saty in area now missing 1 1days at this posting.the sun -national paper asked one its reporters to dress up as a lynx and use lynx deodorant called dark temptation to lure missing carpathian lynx flaviu .this is due to keepers are worried that lynxes become sexually active due to mating season and their have used growling sounds or calls to atrart males in another related article zoo keepers from dartmoor zoo are using tiger and lion poo to encourge this big cat back to zoo. the scent will hopefully dissuade the lynx from going further away and to keep him close as possible to capture him but may not happen due to government need to give permission first due to poo may spread disease.

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