Sunday, 24 July 2016

English Heritage calls for jousting to be made Olympic sport

A castle in Suffolk has hosted its first ever medieval jousting tournament this weekend as calls are made to make it an Olympic sport.
English Heritage says it's one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world and has begun an online petition to gather support."The very people at the top of the sport, the professionals, are working at high levels, just like our modern athletes, swimmers, all those who dedicate their daily training, they're riding 4 to 5 horses a day, they're then practising marital arts and combining the two to make mounted combat and jousting, something that is not just entertainment for people in castles here like Framlingham, but also around the world and jousting has become a phenomenon because of social media."
– DOMINIC SEWELL, JOUSTING CONSULTANT, ENGLISH HERITAGE.Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, an English Heritage site, is holding its first ever jousting tournament over the weekend.
It comes as earlier this week the charity announced it was starting an online petition to make jousting an Olympic sport.
But recognises that it will be a long road to the sport getting Olympic status.
"We want to see jousting take its rightful place at the Olympics table. It is one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world, and requires similar levels of athleticism and artistry as other official Olympic sports."

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