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Hi mark.
I think mine might be a bit boring but you are welcome to use it if you want.
tabitca aka lindsay xx
what inspired you?
My father bought me a book about Loch Ness  after seeing something in the newspaper. Then I went to Loch Ness in the late sixties and early seventies as a teenager. After that I was hooked. I went regularly to the Loch  met the likes of Tim Dinsdale, Robert Rines and Frank Searle. I once gave up my job and lived up there for 2 years . I had two sightings in 40 years but what they were ,whether they were a real animal or an illusion caused by the place itself I couldn’t say. I also went to Canada  hunting the Sasquatch (bigfoot) and various other places over the years looking for cryptids. My last visit to Loch Ness was in 2005 before I got ill. I am inspired by being a  seeker for the truth and by the persistent of sightings, and the courage of other cryptozoologists ,who keep going in the face of opinion and being derided for their beliefs. I think most academics, even retired ones, like to research and something unusual is exciting
what are your aims?
Unfortunately I am now house bound due to ill health but I have a website : where I post news and discoveries and sometimes write posts about different cryptids hoping to that it helps a younger generation get an interest. I also write novels about cryptids and a bit of magic and mystery  and horror thrown in. CFZ have published the first two. Dark Ness and Dark Wear. Again I hope it may spark interest and people may want to research and go look for themselves. If I get one person interested enough to spend the next 30 or 40  years looking for cryptids I would die a happy woman.
what plans do you have for the future?
I keep  writing more novels and posting on the blog .It gets harder as my health deteriorates. I did manage to get  a bit of research done on the Galloway Puma and got  someone to give me the photo they had of a large footprint that got posted on CFZ blog . I would like to try and do a non fiction book about cryptozoology as I have amassed quite a bit of information over the years. If something I write or post inspires someone else to start looking,then the future of cryptozoology is secure and that is all I wish for as I slide towards the grave. I will probably haunt all those who derided cryptozoology so you have been warned Winking smile

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