Saturday, 15 March 2014


My interest in martial arts was ingnited by 3 things -Bruce Lee -once saw all his films in a all night film night at local southend -on sea cinema,kung -fu the t.v series nade in the 70,s,the way of the warrior a t.v documentry in which a 80 year old man knocked a man to the ground using only one finger.What about Aikido it was a course on offer at woolsery community hall,woolsery,devon run by HUW COLLINGBOURNE.I wanted to learn a martial art so that how i tried this one out and learnt the mind is a powerful weapon,i enjoyed going for 2 months  as it stopped due to the aikido club being offered  to set up a dojo at Bucks Mills,Devon.I was unable to go to bucks mills due to no transportv and course started at 7.00pm and to shame the local woolsey villagers i was the only one that went down to the hall .

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  1. Thanks for the mention. A big shame you couldn't continue. Keep trying to find someone with transport! The club now meets twice a week - Monday and Thursday - at 7:30. Info here:

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