Saturday, 8 March 2014


Yet again i have found an example of how animals are treated cruely.This time the animals are monkeys and here are some facts -9,000 monkeys are kept as pet sin u.k,a squirrel monkey can fetch 4,250 pounds,the most popular breed the marmoset sells around 1,000 pounds,there were 497 calls concerning 896 primates being traded as pets  between 2003-2013.Here are 2 tales - charlie the squirrel monkey lived in miserable existance in a tiny bird cage in an office he was underweight when removed and now lives at monkey world ,dorset,the owner was banned from keeping all animals for 2 years and prosecuted.Milo the marmoset when rescued was a quarter of his weight due to only being feed fruit - normal diet is also nuts seed ,protein,he was even took to the pub ,the owner was banned from keeping all animals for life.Wild futures-animal charity are trying to push for changes to legislation and i agree ,the 2 photos above of  milo  charlie which i hope puts you off buying monkeys as pets.

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