Sunday, 9 March 2014

HUW COLLINGBOURNE: Interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

What inspired you? 

People who never give up inspire me. If you have an ambition, you should never give up until you've achieved it. And I am inspired by originality. If you do something original and fail, it's better than doing something that's just the same as everyone else and succeeding. I am a writer and aikido teacher. I am inspired by writers who are unique - whose works cannot be mistaken for someone else's. Favourite writers include: P G Wodehouse, Thomas Hardy, John Rechy and Philip K Dick. As an aikido teacher, I am inspired by people who slog away year after year, no matter how hard it seems or how slow their progress. The secret is to never give up.

What plans do you have for the future? 

Later in the year I will be teaching a special seminar (with another teacher) to introduce more people to aikido. See my blog to keep up to date with the latest news: Apart from that, my main plans are to do more fiction writing. I've spent most of my adult life writing for magazines . From now on, I want to write stories and novels.

What are your aims? 

As a writer, I just keep on writing. I am currently working on a novel set in the Victorian period. This is something new for me. Researching the 19th Century is interesting and fun. As an aikido teacher, I want to teach more people the power, joy and elegance of this wonderful martial art:

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