Saturday, 15 March 2014

CFZ - Centre for Fortean Zoology

Yes sounds like a cult but is a group set up by Jonathan Downes for the interest of cryptozoology,no not all long haired with big beards  ex-hippies  listrening to prog rock,drinking and smoking a certain relaxing herb.Its a set of people with various beliefs and inerests in subjects normally poopooed by normal media and science.It  aims to help people through  helping them to learn and encourage to find out more,i admit  a bit of a promo as i am a researcher/helper/bloger and in fuure learning how to edit and use a film camera for c.f.z.We all need a sense of belonging and taht what if gives me-big promo time
Tickets for the 2013 event are now on sale at a special discount price of £20 if you buy in advance. Don't be square, be there. now as tickets go fast.

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