Sunday, 23 March 2014


I think what inspired me to write first of all was just a combination of being inspired by the first Weird Weekend I ever went to, and from my parents and my school at that time encouraging me to improve and hone my writing skills. That and back when I started writing for the blog I didn't have a whole lot to do in my spare time, so it became a fun hobby. With regards to when I wrote Left Behind- well, that was quite obviously influenced by the fact I suddenly found myself quite deeply entrenched in comic book culture! My aims are to generally get better at writing, and hopefully gain enough skills to eventually start writing as a hobby again, but since I started work on my GCSEs at school I haven't found enough time to do so. I don't think I have any other goals apart from that. When I do write, I tend to just sit down and bash my ideas out with no actual regard to the consequences. In the future I am determined to eventually get another book out. I can't promise when, because I have no idea when the inspiration will hit and when/if I will have the time to do so! I would also like to start up with contributing to the blog again, especially with my years of employment and higher education looming ahead. It would probably be a good idea to get as much writing done as possible before then- not only would it relieve the stress of having to work and write at the same time, but it would certainly be an attractive prospect for future employers to consider. But for now, I think I will just settle on slowly improving my skills with a mixture of fanfiction, coursework and intense reading sessions: all for that one fateful day when I do finally release another book. Harry Beekeeper Bondevik 19:43 Harry Beekeeper Bondevik is that all good enough? also would it be too much to ask if you referred to me as harry for the blog? it's just a preferred nickname thank you

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