Sunday, 24 July 2016

1 st yellow belt -gesar karate assessment .

this time this assessment took place in holsworthy leisure centre on wednesday 20th july 2016 .myself and fellow adult student alan -grading for 2nd white belt started with a fitness test then into techniques required in the following stances -standing hachi dachi,standing shiko,moving zenkutsu dachi,moving sanchin dachi,moving neko hachi dachi,moving shiko dachi,we also did rendori and i did the following kata -geikisai dai ichi .it was hard work and i was just as nervous as when did my first assessment .afterwards me and alan were guided by sensi  on pointers to improve upon and we both now i need to work harder do more sit ups ,pratice pratice and try to attend more claases and go forward on my journey in martial arts.

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