Saturday, 15 March 2014


My love for weightlifting started over 30 years ago ,i found a local gym in southend -on-sea,essex called Phyical City -no longer exists.When i first started training it was only doing curcuit training untill the owner-Peewee -yes his real name who was about 22 stone plus and well bulit said why not do weightlifting/bodybuilding.I went 4 times a week and started at the bottom and even entered a powerlifting contest-came last in 1987.Anyway to cut a long story short i left essex in 1988 and when i moved to bude in around 2012 after various places inbetween me and shane-my stepson found a local gym i thought i would see ifi could stiil do gym work dispite disabilities,i meet the owner of the gym who after a chat and a free half an hour said it was ok.And fof that short time i again started at the bottom and managed to get up to a deadlift of 245pouds times 2 which is not bad as in my younger days i got up to 330 pounds.Yes t still do some very basic weightlifting to keep my body going due to my disabilities.

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