Sunday, 15 January 2017

The extraordinary story of the Chorlton nurse who spied against the Nazis in wartime France

The extraordinary story of the Manchester nurse who risked her life as an undercover spy against the Nazis has been pieced together by historians.
Thrice-married Madge Addy lived a life of dashing adventure... helping stranded British troops evade capture in occupied France.
But her heroic exploits would have come to a huge shock to her neighbours in Chorlton, where she had quietly worked at a hairdressing salon.
But local historians have now launched a campaign to honour Madge, who received a Royal honour for her spy work, with a blue plaque in the south Manchester suburb. They are also appealing for further information to complete the puzzle about her remarkable life.
Ms Addy, who was born in Chorlton at the turn of the century, served as a nurse in Spain during the Spanish Civil War then became an agent for the government in occupied France. Research has revealed she was awarded an OBE, or possibly even a CBE, for her work as a spy, with sources suggesting she risked death to carry secret documents for the Allies under the noses of the Nazis.-read more

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