Sunday, 22 January 2017

Chair Saga.

This post s our account of problems that have occurred whilst using this chair.My wife Enid was given a reclining chair via loacl ot worker to help her rest legs and stand up.But the chair has caused her to get sores on back of leg and shering on her bottom which are being treated with creams and biatain on a daily basis and visited by community nurses once a week was twice .To you dear reader this may seem what is the problem well it has taken a long time to convince the nurses this was the case .Enid mental health was affected as got too point of not wishing to get up and parniod that noone else believed the phyiscal discomfort she was in and hates advice to go back to specialised bed -air mattress to prevent bed sores -as makes her fees isolated and does not wish to see family members like tis as feels like a hospital visit.Enid has been given a plastic step with handle as aid to help sit back better but itslips and she has nearly fallen a couple of times so does not use.We are getting as visit from the company involed that designed the chair and we now of one other person in holswortrhy that has a simlar problem so we suspect a design fault.I f we can make sugestions for improvement s here are our ideas.1 the bar that runs in front of chair needs extra padiing ,cahir needs to be less bak and deep and seting are needs extra padding.Enid is even wiling to trail new design and give back fedback to help others in the future..

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