Sunday, 29 January 2017

Betty the pole cat rescued after spending a whole DAY stuck on top of a pylon

A terrified cat was finally rescued after spending a whole day stuck on top of a 30ft electricity pole.
Betty the cat was spotted by a resident of the street in Cam, Glos., who phoned the RSPCA, who called in the retained fire service and Western Power DistributionA whole street had to have their power switched off so that firefighters could stage the rescue operation.
Betty the black and white moggy managed to scale the wooden structure but found herself stranded on the top and unable to get back down.
The electricity pole was at the bottom of a neighbour’s garden and it took a full rescue crew, electricity supply workers and an RSPCA officer to carry out the rescue on Friday.
The lovable cat was stuck up the pole for 24 hours and only rescued after neighbours heard her cries for help.
Utility firm Western Power Distribution switched off the power supply to the whole street in Cam, Gloucestershire., as a precaution-read more

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