Sunday, 22 January 2017

As the CIA release 800,000 declassified files online, we take a look at some of the US’ past secrets

As the CIA release 800,000 declassified files online, we take a look at some of the US’ past secrets

Following long-running campaign and lawsuit, the Central Intelligence Agency has finally allowed online publication of hundreds of thousands of files
His special powers are revealed in a trove of 800,000 files – a total of 13 million pages – of declassified documents released online after a long campaign by freedom-of-information activists and a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency.
While the information was previously available for public viewing, it could only be looked at on one of four computers in a library at the National Archives in Maryland.20 per cent of the 1,500 UFO sightings in the past 70 years are unexplained
OF 1,500 UFO reports since 1947, 20 per cent were unexplained.
One of the most dramatic cases was a sighting by two police officers in Lithuania on June 26, 1996.
The report reads: “They noticed a spherical object hanging and ‘pulsing’.
“They heard a strange sound like an electric or electronic crackle.
“The sphere moved away, rose higher and rapidly departed.”
IN 1980, the CIA compiled a report into whether it was possible to see into the future or move objects solely with the mind.
It is claimed that psychic Ingo Swann, along with others, “demonstrated the ability to describe distant rooms, they had never previously observed, with considerable accuracy”.
Reports also investigated the “bond between men and plants”.
One test in 1974 claims that the connection is so extreme that “the plant would respond automatically whenever the man was injured”.
REVELATIONS on the infamous MKUltra project, dubbed the CIA mind control programme, list bizarre experiments on human subjects to develop drugs and procedures for interrogation and torture.
The subjects were hypnotised, tested for psychic abilities and even given the psychedelic drug LSD.
A 1953 report found that LSD could be used to interrogate any “unwilling subjects” as it stimulates them “to talk more freely”.-Read More

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