Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cats are a part of our lives.

Recently we have adoped a cat called thomas ,will he is not ours but we feedhim and give him cuddles and he lives only a couple of doors down on same esate.Cats are never really owed as far too indepedant and i enjoy thier company as we had some in the past and would again but our jack russell may disagree.Our past cats were SOOTY who was the runt of the liteer and my wife had to fed him daily with a syringe ,he liked toeat crisps and steal next doors chicken pieces,LENNY liked shiny objects and once took a screwdriver from a workmans toolbox and ended up living in our old nieghbours house who he spent alot of time with,ONION was a pure white pursian cat who was not deaf who disappeared and never came back,my first cat was called BORIS who was a big farm catwho liked a scrap .

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