Sunday, 1 January 2017

Motorway speed limits near roadworks could be raised

The Government has announced new plans to raise speed limits near roadworks on motorways to cut congestion

Motorways and trunk roads could see faster speed limits introduced near roadworks under new plans to cut down on congestion.
The Department for Transport wants to raise speed limits near roadworks from the current maximum of 50mph, and has tasked Highways England to determine whether this can be done "safely." 
The agency is currently running a trial on a four-mile stretch of roadworks on the M1 with a 60mph limit. If the trial is declared a success faster limits could appear throughout the country. 
Transport minister John Haynes has also asked Highways England to limit roadside works to no longer than 10 miles, as well as increasing the number of lanes open during roadworks.   
The reforms are much needed as the latest traffic predictions by the DfT estimate a potential 55 per cent rise in traffic numbers by 2040. The next few years will also see a rising number of roadworks as Highways England is currently busy converting over 4,000 miles of the motorway network into new ‘smart’ motorways. Smart motorways will use the hard shoulder as an added lane during busy periods as well as variable speed limits to cut congestion. -read more

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