Sunday, 6 November 2016

'I LASTED FIVE MINUTES BEFORE I FLED IN FEAR' Our reporter took a terrifying trip to house in Pontefract that was abandoned in the 1970s

SITTING on the narrow single bed as the wind howls outside, it doesn’t take a lot to imagine the terrors that led a family to run from this home, leaving almost everything behind.
Terrified visitors have called it the “bedroom of Hell” — and after visiting to see for myself how spooky it was, I lasted just FIVE MINUTES before I fled in fear.Number 30 East Drive seems like an ordinary semi-detached 1950s house on an unremarkable road.
But whatever now dwells there draws the curious to walk through its smart white front door in
Pontefract, West Yorks, and straight into what some have called “unbelievable evil”.
Jean Pritchard and her family were the last people to call this place home back in August 1966. They fled five years more

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