Saturday, 10 October 2015

White Flower Field Art Project for NDADA

What is the White Flower Field Project?
The White Flower Field Project is an installation of 4000 hand crafted white flowers all made by local people and crafted from a wide range of weather proof materials which will be mounted in the town Square in Barnstaple, just outside the Barnstaple Museum in November 2015. It’s being designed and assembled by local artist and NDADA supporter Sarah Farrell-Roberts. The idea is to mimic the amazing field of poppies at the Tower of London last year, but using white flowers which symbolise peace.
Why we’re doing it
• To raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse in our community in the interests of promoting healthy relationships and
• To remember all those women and children who have suffered abuse in their own homes at the hands of those they love
• To remind us all that domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of colour, creed or status
• To help break the silence and end the shame
• To raise vital funds to keep our Refuge open- which is the only remaining refuge in the whole of Devon county
Why is it happening now?
This year is the 40th birthday of the North Devon Women’s Refuge run by North Devon Against Domestic Abuse. In the past 40 years the Refuge has opened its doors to countless women and children who have been forced to flee their home, often arriving with nothing, not even a toothbrush. In Refuge they receive care and support by a specialist domestic abuse team which starts them on the path to recovering their selfe steem, their sense of trust and to learn to bear the wounds and scars that violence and abuse they suffer at the hands of those they love can cause. They also get help with accumulating the basic possessions they need to start a new home, together with help finding suitable housing.
Last year all public funding for NDADA’s Refuge in North Devon was withdrawn. The need for refuge remains as great today as it was 40 years ago. In North Devon over 1200 inquiries to specialist domestic abuse services are made each year, and 4000 a year in the whole of Devon, and those are just the people who pick up the phone. The Refuge now relies on charitable donations to keep its doors open which means we need to garner public support for our cause.
Why November? To tie in with National Domestic Violence Awareness Week, and the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the November 23rd Petal Launch (which NDADA holds annually) - a moving ceremony to scatter petals in the Taw in memory of victims of domestic abuse.
Why 4000 flowers?
Because that is the number of inquiries received each year by specialist domestic abuse services in Devon, as well as being an estimate of the number of individuals the North Devon Refuge has helped over the last 40 years.
PLEASE SUPORT THIS PROJECT AS  THIS SUBJECT IS VERY CLOSE TO MY WIFE -NO DETAILS AS TOO MUCH FEEDBACK FROM HER DAUGHERS-We're making 4000 handcrafted white flowers for an art installation in Barnstaple town Square this November to mark 40 years of the Refuge for women run by North Devon Against Domestic Abuse. This group is for everyone interested in following our progress or for those who have made or plan to make flowers for the project. Thanks to everyone who is helping make this possible!-

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