Monday, 26 October 2015

Mision statement

Dear Ghostman Here is a Mission Statement I've (so far) Produced.  It's incomplete in more than one Sense, such as we'll be doing More than Only 'Third Millennium Psychedelic Art':- 'This is 'Third Millennium Psychedelic Art' (Not 60's : as PAC-MAN and NASA are within the Arr, which shows The Evolution of Art). The Revival of Bāzīgara (Bāzīgara is the Name of One of Us Artists, it is Pronounced as 'Barzigar' in the Hindi from where the Name Came). We are NOT Social Outcasts : As Artists. However, we have Entered into a Culture where Consumerism is King and Production is some kind of Hated Chore. We, instead Produce and Love as We Produce. We seek to Produce MORE than we Consume to ELEVATE Our Whole World. <2 WE ARE 'THE GOOD GAME' AND WE WANT TO PLAY : FOR OURSELVES AND FOR ANYONE BELIEVING IN OUR NEW (It's Coming, My Friends) WORLD. From Our Many Forms of Poverty, We Aim To Create ALL KINDS OF WEALTH, and THEN Even SHARE What We Earned That Others Didn't Earn. We Believe In Favouring Our Fellow Humans (Though This Also Means That A Minority Of Humans (Bad Ones) Have a War THEY CANNOT WIN. yours <3 <3 <3 :) ~andrew (जादूगर : Jādūgara : Pronounced 'Jardoogar') of this World We Are Renewing.' Enclosed are Two Art Pieces of The Project.  One is My Work, the other is One of Bāzīgara.  :) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Main Inspiration is that I realised that I'm good at Art, and so are Many People.  We were simply enjoying Creating Art.  Then I realised that Art Sells.  The reason why I'm Heading This Project is because I'm the more Realistically-Minded instead of being that Typical Kind of Artist Idealist. All Art we aim to sell shall be either created by The Mentally Ill or by people (such as Official Carers) who help The Mentally Ill. Some ideas for the Future are already happening.  I applied to the U.K. Government yesterday for Official Incorporation of Astral Colosseum Artistries into Astral Colosseum Artistries, Ltd. Becoming a Company does Involve Shareholders.  However, the kind of person allowed to buy Shares is 1 of 2.  The first is people with Mental Illness.  The second is people who (not as a career) are dedicated to helping The Mentally Ill (whether they are Carers of Relatives of Have Their Own Projects).  So far, 50 Shares at £1 each have been bought by someone of the 2nd kind I mentioned.  He spent 10 years of his life not having much of a life because of his Mentally Ill mother who needed an Official Carer.  Sadly, she passed away.  He is now The Official Carer of his Brother (who suffers with Schizophrenia). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Though we aim to make Profits, we are not gonna be giving ourselves Bonuses without any reason except Greed.  Instead, each worker gets fair payment, and the end Profits will be ALL going to Expansion of the Company and to Charities we Approve of.  We are going to be aiming at Charities that help Children and Animals the most, this is because they are Typically Among the Most Vulnerable of Life on Earth. If someone makes a Large Order (3 Canvases or More), we are also willing to allow them to pick out a Charity of their Choice for a Small Donation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . To End.  Though Money is Important, 'The Bottom Line' here is not going to be Money.  'The Bottom Line' is going to be The Wellbeing of Sentient Life on Planet Earth. yours :) ~andrew

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