Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Lock House Haunting interview

What Inspired Me? I have always loved writing and have always felt that my childhood was somewhat unusual. I moved to the Forest of Dean over 23 years ago and joined the Dean Writers Circle. During conversations the members learned a little about me and confirmed that how I had grown up was intriguing and indeed unusual. So in respect of actually putting the words on paper it was the members of the Circle who inspired me to write the book. However, I also feel that it was my memories themselves that I felt needed a voice outside of my head. So many times and in so many circumstances the young are ignored and can be left to feel isolated and intimidated. I felt that, and still feel that if one person reads my book and can in some way relate to it maybe they won’t feel as belittled as I used to feel when I was growing up. What are my aims? My aim was always just to tell my story. My book sat for over ten years completed but hidden from view because I was too scared to publish it. I was scared, not that I would not be believed but that it was not good enough and would not hold people’s interest. I have been astounded at the response it has received and has far outgrown any aims that I ever had. Last year I was invited to speak at The Ghost Club in London and the audience was treble the size that I had been informed it would be. Afterwards I was amazed at how many people had (and are still having) similar paranormal experiences. The only aim that I ever had has been achieved at a far bigger scale than I ever imagined. My Future Plans? As far as writing is concerned I would love to write on a full time scale. I have two completed novels sitting on a shelf that have never seen the light of day and one partially written novel that clamours to be finished. Unfortunately, time or rather lack of it, is my enemy. I simply do not have as much time to write as I used to and so I feel that this may have to wait until retirement. In the meantime I am very busy with my Paranormal team ROPE (Researchers of Paranormal Events.) We are working very hard but unlike a lot of groups we are very quiet and don’t advertise ourselves. We are currently working on an experiment which is being conducted over a period of two years and is showing some compelling results. I have discussed the experiment with various Parapsychologists and also at length with members of the Ghost Club. All have been incredibly supportive and are keen for the experiment to reach it to reach it fruition in December this year. As for the distant future? I always like to wait until it is a little closer before I make any plans but I will for as long as I can, continue to investigate the Paranormal and meet and share our evidence and experiences with the Paranormal Community.

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