Wednesday, 12 July 2017


My inspiration comes from many attributes. The 'scene' being just one of them. You see people going through their journeys and how modification is constantly evolving. Seeing people get body modification is inspirational in itself because you see how happy they are as a result and with the changes that take place with new and existing mods, you can't resist getting something new. My aims.. I'm proud to be modified and I'll happily continue with it as I find it very satisfying. I want to become a modification artist in the future. As a body piercer, I enjoy meeting people and being a part of the journey they take with the piercing. It's not just a piece of metal going into flesh; it's a trust bond and a personal moment shared between two people. I want to be a part of the modification journey that people take also. For the future I want to reach 101 piercings (I have over 80 at the moment) and more modifications. These include but not limited to magnetic implants under all finger tips, silicone implants under my hands, one of which is likely to be a north star styled implant (it flashes when activated by a magnetic implant) and more scarification. From there, I'll see where my journey takes me.

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