Saturday, 1 July 2017

Charles Beaver Oracle Fusion Middleware & JBoss Consultant

Here is my intro. I worked in the motion picture industry, between short IT related contracts, off and on, for over a decade, as a stuntman, in Houston, Texas, some time ago. Doing a martial arts side kick off the top of a 2 story racket ball court, in West Texas, was the most dangerous stunt that I ever did. I'm the only actor in the world who can say that you can see me live in a theater 6 days a week, as the death scene, at the end of the movie, until the Russians and Chinese over run the U.S. It's a movie, called "Texas Forever" that is played at the world's tallest columnar monument, the San Jacinto. monument in San Jacinto, TX. The 35 millimeter movie was cut up into a high speed slide show. 
  My movie BIO is at if you're interested. I always thought that my life would be an awesome movie. But I think that it would create problems for many people. In other words, it would tend to scare the you know what out of many people if it were filmed, in first person, exactly as I experienced it. I've gone through some pretty hair raising experiences. And many of these stretch your mind close to the breaking point. Such would be the same effect on anyone else who were put through the same bizarre experiences. My wife and I have been plagued by paranormal activities all our lives; both before and after we met. I've been working on a book for over 30 years. Getting the last chapter completed is an impossible task. It's about ETs and the paranormal. I'm attempting to put many moving pieces together. I think that it's an excellent work. But I don't know that I will ever get a chance to complete it. Two men have edited it thus far. One is the smartest person that I've ever met. The other wrote the world's most voluminous book on herbs. You may enjoy my web page at If there's any topic listed that you enjoy discussing, please let me know. Sincerely; Mike Beaver

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