Sunday, 26 March 2017


Dame Vera Lynn who has recently turned 100 years old and a huge part of helping to keep morale during world war two has had numerous artist,s borrow from her work.DR .Strangelove-1964-we,ll meet again is played over shot,s of atomic bomb,s falling through out the world ,we,ll meet again is also usedin King Kong Island-2017-The Ides of March-2011-Hellboy-2004-The Muppets Go To The Moves,Vera Lynn is cockney rhyming slang for a cigarette paper -vera lynn-skin and in the song Ebenezzer Goode by The Shaman has the line -has anybody got any vera,s?lovely.Other artist,s who have referanced Veral Lynn are-Pink Floyd-The Wall-doe,s anyone here remember vera lynn?how she,d meet us again some suuny day-rapper-Mdot-esampled the white cliff,s of dover on track How I,m Livin,The Kinks-Mr Churchhill-we gotta fight the bloody war to the very end/as vera lynn would say/we,ll meet again someday-Gary Numan -War Songs-old men love war sons /love vera lynn/old men love war sons/now i,m vera lynn.And in a survey by the bereavement register says we,ll meet again is the 19th most popular song played at british funeral,s.

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