Sunday, 12 March 2017


I was inspired to do this after listening to   letters on radio 5 .We meet in what some may say is a little bit odd due to fact i put myself for sale in a bikers mag called back street heros and got 3 replies.The first reply was a girl from who wasinto bros and when went up to visit realised i was only being used to make old boy friend anger ,second wa a man pretending to be a woman but the less said about that the better and so finally my future wife got in contact but then she was giong by a different name .Me and enid wrote and i talked her from a phonebox ,no moblies as 80s-as often as poissible i then met her for the first time in bodmin after an eight hour journey from southend-on -sea essex and we hit it off ,later i found out she was married with 3 children and i made the dicisio to take a lap of faith so i left sessex in 1988 ,august and be in devon since.We have had highs and lows but we still love each other and that isall you need .

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