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Hi Mark

What is Bowen?

A very light touch, complementary therapy where gentle rolling moves are made on specific areas of the body interspersed with breaks. The aim being to bring awareness back to specific areas and allow the body to rebalance and initiate the healing process. If nothing else it is very relaxing and puts the body and mind into a much better place

How did I get into it?

I had a disabled horse, a friend suggested Bowen Therapy for him. As he was a big softy I wanted to check out what Bowen was before subjecting him to it…. I had a treatment and thought is was very weird, the practitioner kept leaving the room! I thought it was a con paying for an hour when someone was out of the room for half of that time!!! However despite that my long term back issues got better and I felt great. When my horse had treatments it helped keep him out of pain and thus gave him better quality of life.

At that point I decided to train myself so gave up a management career to become a Bowen Therapist. Way less well paid but so much more fulfilling….

I now mostly specialise in humans and dogs.

What I like is that there can be no placebo effect with an animal. Once they understand the treatment they actually turn their body to show me where to work. Even if its not where the pain would seem to be, when I work on the area they tell me they get better…

I personally believe that given the right set of circumstances all bodies can get to a better place. I work with people from athletes to disabled people, babies and those in end of life care. How much improvement bodies get depends on where they are at that time, it is never too late to improve quality of life even if just a little.

Just in case here are a couple of examples…

A young girl age 12, was a gymnast came to me with a bad leg. Following an accident she could not move her leg, take any weight on it, and the muscles were wasting etc. She has had scans, MRI, seen neurologists and had extensive physio therapy to no avail. No one really know what to do. Out of desperation they visited me. I only ever treated this girl twice, a week apart. After the first treatment she could move her toes and foot, after the second treatment she could walk and weightbare . Fun stuff!

A dog one –

A dog collapsed and could not move its back legs. The vet told the owner to get ready to put it to sleep as the “reflexes” had even gone from the back legs. I met the owner by “accident” (if you believe in accidents – I don’t!). I treated the dog every 3 days with Bowen and a super pulsed laser (pulses 80 000 time per second, great for healing). Within 2 weeks the dog could move her legs, and could walk, albe it a bit wobbly. 2 weeks after that and the dog could walk, run and was happy. 6 months later the dog had puppies!   (NOT my idea!)

The kind of thing I see in clinic are:

Frozen shoulders

Any aching joints, muscles, sprains & strains

Long term pain conditions (my fav)

Stress related issues

Stiff necks and back pain


All kinds of thing really!


Im working on getting a caravan so I can take a treatment room to rural areas. So that people who either live very remotely or who cant easily drive can have a treatment in a nice mobile treatment room. That is work in progress tho as looking for a donated caravan as I offer low cost treatment to disabled and elderly people.

I really hope this is something like you had in mind.  If not let me know and I will try again!---  I recently did a leaflet about the dangers of dogs pulling on leads if you want that as well. Its a pdf at the moment.  I won't be offended if thats not you thing.

I had a read of your blog - its really interesting, thank you.

Anyway hope is is something like what you had in mind..
Thanks and hope you had a good taichi class today. Im hoping to join you advanced guys after Easter...

Giving the body a voice.

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