Sunday, 13 March 2016

Wild mountain lion suspected of eating koala at Los Angeles zoo

When Killarney, a 14-year-old koala bear, went missing from her pen at Los Angeles zoo, staff were baffled.
Now investigations have thrown up a prime suspect in the mystery disappearance - a wild mountain lion roaming the city’s urban neighbourhoods and seeking to prey on the zoo’s inhabitants.

The six-year-old lion, dubbed P-22, has already gained celebrity status after emerging last year from Griffith Park - America’s biggest urban park - to enter the normally sleepy Los Feliz neighbourhood, causing panic and a media frenzy by taking refuge in the crawl space underneath a house before casually leaving again.
Evidence that he absconded with the unfortunate Killarney is circumstantial rather than forensic - yet, zoo officials say, compelling.=read more =

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