Sunday, 27 March 2016

Feeling lucky? Treasure hunters out to get Reich quick: £20bn in missing Nazi loot is STILL hidden across Germany

Nazi goldAS Nazi Germany began to fall in 1945 its leaders set about hiding the treasures they looted for the previous six years.
Priceless art and silver, some of it stolen from the Jews they sent to the gas chambers, artefacts taken from museums and tonnes of gold — all stashed in mines or sunk in lakes as defeat in World War Two loomed.
While some of these cultural treasures were saved by Allied units, around£20BILLION of loot is still missing.
And the hunt for it is still on.
Last year, locals in the Polish town of Walbrzych claimed to have found evidence of secret railway tunnels where, legend has it, Third Reich generals hid a train loaded with gold and jewellery.
In 2012 a £1billion horde of art, some of it stolen by the Nazis, was uncovered in a Munich flat.
Treasure hunters have also focussed on various lakes where billions in Reichsbank gold was thought to have been dumped.
Here, we pick out what is still missing — and where it might more =

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