Sunday, 27 March 2016

rant issue 2

The government's living wage £50 more an hour wow not a lot to live on at present I get DLA but if I was to make a reclaim I will get Pip which would take longer to get and I may not qualify for anyway in life ,there a lot of social in Justice mainly in Bideford where are young lad was had  his hands tied up as  was going to tie his  legs up on the way home from school . And then the tormentors wanted  to throw him  into the road when the parents were informed  their said the kid should  just Grow Up, you can  now find me me  in Gozo weekly back as a cartoonist I hope you like them not just  me    in Belgium we had the horror of terrorism again I don't understand these people I never will but I think it's important to keep living your normal life As  it is only way to stand up to to them ,TV this weekend has been a load of rubbish as usual i went online to do my blog also I'm going to try to deal with my paranoid thoughts through self help I don't go to to the medication route at the moment as I see it I can see where that leads so hope you read these rants and not just me thank you from Mark aka  ghostman

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