Sunday, 20 March 2016


Right I think this is going to be a new thing I'm going to try out I don't know how to get it work when I don't know going to be I don't you know that you had a weekly rent about life the universe and everything where do I start wow what about the £30 that the government want to take away for disabled people apparently even the other members don't want it I think it seems that they're taking away from the poor and giving it to the rich it's your fault basically the Tory party always does I have to give credit to IAN Duncan Smith standing up to 4 his  principles even like the guy now for my next subject this is basically um how doctors treat people now the other day told my wife enid these  views told us by the way you stink NHS resources and that she is overweight it's a basic error 404 do something overweight don't know what day's work was up with life um normally snobbish idiot now by any other Great Britain life is the fact that when you go on Google Chrome what other browsers are available I seem to be getting a lot of pop-ups now to spite having a blocker I think this is because of new rules and regulations but not too sure but it's a real pain in the a*** what is oil can I say oh yes there is one thing that I was going to say it I think I care this is it this is my other phone really really f***** me off is that what you no longer in a group or part of something people for places no longer want to know you milk in my mind this is discrimination yes I know I'm not black all day all anything everything that might please do this but I have some spits it through when I go places with my walking stick people tend to see the stick first and the person second which is very nice ot his is me signing off for this weekly rant oh no sorry I'm quite finished now the other thing which can be old is help machines that you dictate to don't understand your English early start putting things that you never put in I will leave it samples it this I have spoken to to put on to my blogger and my Facebook so see you later France well might be one of you anyway so goodnight good sleep good karma  see you next week

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