Sunday, 1 February 2015


Yes it was wrong for me to commit a crime -criminal damage in 1986 -Essex only excuse i have is i just split from my first, girlfriend ,only two woman in my life i know married to my second since 1991.I went to court twice got fines and a years probation which sometimes i did not attend as went weight training down the gym  instead yes did get in trouble.Since then i have been a normal life apart from a small dispute in Bideford about litter in garden -got warning letter.I  have been a volunteer for -meals on wheels,furniture store,helping people through befriending ,worked with special needs,challenging behavior,learning problems,sex offenders, mental health and i believe my past has not been a problem as i will tell or put in writing if requested about my past,i hope this does not affect and volunteer work i do now or in the future .

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