Sunday, 15 February 2015


This is a revue of this magazine a journal of cryptozoology,folklore,and forteana.Items include Dr Devo,s Dairy,kangaroos in the united states The Cryptozoological Curiosities, of  Milwaukee flap Part One,coypus in Norfolk j.j buxton,a collection of Siamese cryptozoological curiosties,and did those feet?,,Were St Paul and st Peter ever in England ?Flying Snake Drawing  mark raines yes that's me aka ghostmanraines  ,Ball lighting in Hong  Kong,Mystery Big Bird and other Strange Fowl Part Two,Richard Colborne,Flying Monsters in Spain,British Chameleons,The Hideous Ice Worm Chris Woodyard,Letters,Notes and Queries,Book Review-The Dolmen by Matt Bille.2014 and more.I liked reading all the different aspects of this magazine as uses when possible newspaper articles as a form of evidence ,important in this field.How would i describe to you my reader,bizarre,intesting ,worth a read and not bad for the price of £ 3.99 per issue.Info time -Editor-Richard Muirhead aka DR.Devo,Sub Editor - Mike Hardcastle,Carl.p Marshall -Warwickshire and Zoological Consultant and Correspondent,Zvi Ron- Isael Correspondent,So folks enjoy your copy soon,mark aka ghostmanraines.

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