Wednesday, 4 February 2015


As a paranormal investigator I have traveled to Florida, Tennessee, New York, Kentucky and have set-up investigations as well as been lead investigator on numerous private & commercial paranormal research jaunts.i am on FB and have a few notes that i have written based on some personal research, articles i have read and my views of the paranormal as a whole -- also have a youtube channel with evp's --BarbDarla-- Is this what u had in mind? My childhood home was also home to the builder of the 1800’s; he was a presence in my life & growing up that was just an accepted part of life. There were times the spirit was more predominant than others but remained a silent part of our physical world. I have investigated and researched the paranormal in New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia; this also includes numerous undisclosed residential investigations. I concentrate on helping the individual understand what is happening in their home and try to help them with their questions and concerns.HAVE THEY CHOSEN TO REMAIN IN A DARKENED PHYSICAL REALM 
May 11, 2013 at 10:19pm 
Be cautious of the level 4 spirits who contact & chat; they may be wanting your sensitivity as a possession of their own – thinking they feel the existence of physical life again; not accepting of their own death or having to examine & see their own physical life before them as they relive the misery, hurt and pain they caused from selfish acts of greed or jealousy against another. 

Ask questions directly; speak to those of the light who seek their guides to find their way; those who want to evolve & move on to another higher plane of existence – they have achieved their purpose of remaining earthbound but have lost their way or they have lost contact with their spirit guide & now reside in the darkness. 
.. spirits/ghosts who still possess the human qualities of anger, greed, jealousy & material possessions will not speak directly about spirit guides or the light that they should seek … giving evasive, nonsensical answers that are irrelevant to the question as they choose to remain in the darkened physical world draining unsuspecting living beings of their energy, sensitivities and causing mischief & meaningless anger, frustration & chaos in day to day living hiding underneath the mask of communication from the spiritual realm; hunting & using an unsuspecting paranormal investigator or researcher’s eagerness to have evidence of the afterlife. 

Do we ghost hunt or do the ghost hunt us? 

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