Sunday, 8 February 2015

my first assessment attend not for belt just to pratice.

Today i attend my first martial arts assessment at northam hall,northam with  earth an martial and ocean martial arts.i was among others doing a seeion of exercises and martial art moves some i admit i found hard but i will try to improve and as i said to mr cole i like doing this .H opethose whi did thier balkbelts got them ,see you monday wayne for the norsml lessions ,mark aka ghostmanraines. No belt for me as just went to practice as see what needed to be improved ,next assessment i hope to go for a belt ,more work .from my tutor mr wayne ley-Hey mark, me Andy were talking after. And he said you done really well and impressed him. So he's said If you like you can go onto Yellow belt as you would of passed if you done the grading officially, but he requested that you pay for the grading to get your belt, which would of been £15 if not don't worry go for it again in 6 months, well done tho. Regards Wayne

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