Saturday, 18 January 2014


Like many people i remember the t.v ads for pg tips showing the CHIMANEZEEs in various comedy situations,when i was this article in the sun it made me feel sad,choppers a 42 year old chimp was ava in the ads and lives in TWYCROSS ZOO were she is believed to be damaged from being treated like human and has not learnt ape behaviour,pg tips have not supplied much money to her upkeep.Here are some more chtarzan films of early 1930s died aged 80 in 2011 and i also like to mention the chimps used in the space race and  the abuse tier suffered for the progress of man going to the moon and space.CHIMANEZEE 98% genetic blue print to ours,live in large communites of several dozen animals in wild,10;000-200,00 estimated in wild,can be taught basi sign lanuage and retain up to 100 words, in the wild rarely live pass 50 but in captivitybcan live past 60.
imps -OSCAR-starred in a Walt Disney documentary about a year of his life in IVORIAN JUNGLE,BUBBLES- Michael Jacksons chimp became disturbed and now lives in a sanctuary,CHEETAH-star of

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