Saturday, 25 January 2014


DEVON AND CORWALL POLICE recieved 7 calls relating to paranormal or extraterrestial activity since 2010.IN 2013 -3 CALLS -CALLER reporting a spiked stick which they said could only decribe as witchcraft-ILFARCOMBE.IN HOLSWORTHY AREA AUGUEST 2013 A 999 call reported being burggled by a paranormal beings,the caller assumed witches.A large white globe in the sky emanating light down over nearby forest in  BIDEFORD ,possible rave rather than u.f.o.APRIL 2012 - HOLSWORTHY the caller said a man was using witchcraft Lon her ,JULY 2012 HOLSWORTHY A caller said neighbours were witches  coven ,running around outside screaming in tongues. NORTHDEVONGAZETTE -PAGE 3 -22.01.2014

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