Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beaver filmed in the wild on Devon farm

A wild beaver has been caught on film at a farm in Devon.
Images of the rare animal were taken near the River Otter on Knightstone Farm in Ottery St Mary.
Farmer David Lawrence became suspicious after he spotted damage to trees, including one trunk about 1ft (30cm) in diameter bearing teeth marks.
The mammal was captured on film by retired environmental scientist Tom Buckley who said he was "very surprised" at the discovery.
'It's fantastic'
Mr Lawrence said he "nudged" Mr Buckley into examining damage to trees after some had been found knocked over on his land last autumn.
He said: "I thought at first it was someone messing about with an axe, but I contacted Tom who had his suspicions. He set up trail cameras and - hey presto - we saw what it was."
Mr Lawrence said where the beaver came from was a mystery.
He said the beaver may be roaming through three or four fields on his farm and its traces sometimes disappeared for a week at a time, meaning it "could be because he is operating in a bigger stretch [of river]".

Start Quote

If that's what he can do to a tree, what about your ankles?”

David Lawrence
He said: "He's been doing a bit of damage, but nothing major.
"I don't want to mess about with him. If that's what he can do to a tree, what about your ankles?"read more

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