Sunday, 19 January 2014


Sometimes people label you and its differcult to break free,i myself have had a few labels in my brief life on planet earth.You may have read some on my ghostman blog-how people thought i was gay,spending 2 years in the same class have others which i look back make me feel sad and bad and its mainly to with when i broke up with my first girlfriend - only 2 woman in my life ,now married for last 20 plus years to 2 girlfriend,Anyway i did not take break up  to frist girlfriend very well ,lost the plot,went on a rampage of criminnal damage times 2 ,fines ,1 year probation which sometimes did not go to as rather go to gym to weight Also had a mental health issue that lead to me ending in hospital on 2 occasions-found out first girlfriend already had someone else.This mental health issue ended uo being on top of my medical records now off due to complaining ,the issue i an talking about relates to a song used in the seris mash now just o.c.d,pariod,old ex essex failed biker who thinks he can write blogs and may have gypsys blood due to dads mohers side.

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