Sunday, 12 March 2017

Georgey Spanswick-RADIO DEVON AND ME

I sent an e mail to the Georgy Spanswick show telling them my pick for song s for the item about records being your first ,last,everything with the reasons behind my choices and my phone number and name.I had a phone call from a producer or reseacher and we had a chat about my choices and a little about myself and he informed me i would be on the show on 9-03-2017  about 8.30pm.So that thursday i was rung about 8.25 pm and to to hold the line before going on air ,you can hear the music being played on show then i was onn air and begain a lovely chat with georgey who soon put me at ease and we discussed reasons behind songs and then my everything song was payed and i was off air.see video

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