Sunday, 5 March 2017


A damning report has been made about South Lakes Safari Zoo, Dalton-in -Furrow, Cumbria due to  nearly 500 animals who died or were put down.-saka a jaguar that chewed its paws of one of its paws,a rhino that was crushed to death ,2 snow leopards cubs found partially eaten in their enclosure,7 healthy lion clubs and 5 baboons wree euthanised , 18  scared ibis birds were shot by zoo founder david gill after he was threated with prosecution for letting them fly free.The captive animal protection society is asking barrow council to close the zoo down.The zoo was fined back in 2013 after sumatran tiger padang fatally mauled a zoo keeper.Other fatelities - 2 giraffes-one shot after it collapsed and could not get up  ,a reindeer suffered a infected fly bite  ,a kangaroo that got infected tooth ,african tortoise called goliath was electrocated in a a fence,squrriel monkey decomposed body was found in back of radator,ringtail lemur was run over by truck ,wallaby died after an abcess,flamingo died after breaking its wing ,2 15 week snow leopards called miska and natasta which were unveiled to v crews to a fanfareweks before death ,i hope this zoo and people reponisable get punshment by curts of this land.

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