Sunday, 20 March 2016

​Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall


In the early 1970s, a soulful voice could be heard wafting from radios and speakers around the world as Michael Jackson sang a heartfelt tune about 'Ben'. To the casual listener, it sounded like the best bromance in the world; a heartbroken lad singing about his brother or best friend, but that tune was the standout track to Willard, a long forgotten movie about a rat.

Talk about off the wall.
Well, plenty of folks in Spike Lee's new feature documentary will do just that, waxing lyrical about the album which sold 30 million copies worldwide, and cemented the former child star's position as a formidable solo talent.
But not before Lee eases us down the road and assesses Jacko's early days at Motown.
There's archive footage of Michael recalling how when the family's TV broke down one day, they started singing. Before long they were winning competitions and appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The Jackson 5's first four songs went to number one on the American charts, and they found the freedom to go to a movie or get a burger was suddenly gone.
"He used to sing songs with a lot of feeling," recalls Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson in the film. "And he would sing 'em with a lot of feeling and a lot of moving, like he had been here before. He had lived before."=read more =

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