Saturday, 5 March 2016

Do Chimpanzees Believe In God? Mysterious Chimp Behavior Could Be A Form Of Sacred Ritual

Mysterious stone-throwing behavior of chimpanzees observed in the heart of West Africa may signify a form of sacred ritual, a new study has found.
The reason for this behavior is not yet clearly known, but at this point, researchers say that it may possibly have to do with cultural elements — belief in God, maybe.
Mysterious Chimpanzees
Chimpanzees are known to be ingenious such that it uses different tools to hunt down food or carry out a task that needs to be done. The choice of which tools to use depends mainly on the location where the species live.
Scientists have been studying chimpanzees for nearly 60 years now, mostly in long-term researches. Despite the seemingly vast studies about chimps, researchers cannot clearly say that studies in small number of sites can represent chimpanzee populations in other more =

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