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Tuesday 30 July 2019

BILL PROTZMANN.Interview with Holsworthy Mark Podcast Show part of Mark Antony Raines Podcast Radio Station.Blog contains Direct download link.

About Bill Protzmann....BILL PROTZMANN.Interview with Holsworthy Mark Podcast Show part of Mark Antony Raines Podcast Radio Station

Just a few words about Bill Protzmann, the mastermind behind this site.
As a performing pianist, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, Bill Protzmann has an unabashed wealth of life experience with anxiety, stress, and depression. His life mission is to offer human beings the opportunity to re-engage with the innate edge. Very importantly, the Practical Heart Skills that every one of us already possesses are the one critical key to redeploying your edge. In his volunteer work with the most at-risk people in society today, Bill Protzmann has demonstrated that this mission is achievable.

Bill Protzmann’s Short Bio and Accomplishments

Bill started piano lessons at three years old. He grew up playing and performing and realized very early on that the discipline of playing the piano was also a behavioral healthcare practice. When he began seeking non-traditional audiences — Alzheimer’s patients and people struggling with physical or emotional injuries, stressed-out businesspeople, parents, caregivers — he began to understand and witness the true power of music as a tool.
As an observer of the power of music throughout his life, Bill Protzmann speaks openly and confidently about how he has used music as self-intervention in his own behavioral healthcare, including confronting suicidal tendencies. His ongoing volunteer work in the field brings him constant opportunities to coach people who are or have been homeless, abused substances, are combat-injured or are caregivers in the Practical Heart Skills of Music Care.
Bill’s fascination with the medicine-like effects of music caused him to study the topic and stay engaged with the most recent research. You can trust his 30+ years’ experience to teach people just like you and your team how to use music functionally in everyday situations like these:
  • Improve performance at work;
  • Strengthen communication and relationship skills;
  • Take better care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically....

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