Tuesday, 9 August 2016

NYSTAGMUS by janice copp

Hi I just wanted to tell people a bit more about my eye conditions as people I know and I went to school with don't really understand it and I was badly bullied because of it.
One of my conditions is nystagmus this is where my eyes continually move in lots of different directions. So some times when I am talking to people they think that I am not looking at them when I am talking to them because my eyes were looking elsewhere. I have to tilt my head to the left hand side as it reduces my eyes wobbling.
My other condition is astigmatism this is where my eyes are shaped differently. Most people's eyes are shaped like footballs and my are shaped like rugby balls. This makes my vision fuzzy.
I wear glasses to help with the fuzziness.
These conditions mean that I have got reduced vision as my vision is 6/36 this means that what most people can see at 36 meters I can only see at 6metres or less.
And foe the people that say I can't work in a kitchen well you are very wrong as I do it as voluntary work in a kitchen and I really enjoy this. I am going to follow my dream and get a paid job in waitressing or in a kitchen. Z I hope that people will understand a bit more about my eye conditions. Xx Also if I don't say hi or wave to you in the street it is not because I am being rude and just ignoring you it is because I don't see you. I also can't see faces properly so I may say who are you please not because I am being rude it is because I don't recognise you
A lot of people think that I make up not being able to see but I really can't see very well. I hope that this will help people to understand my conditions if you want to know something please ask and I will do my best to answer you. Xx
If you know if anyone with these conditions please let me know as I would like to share our experiences xx
Sorry if I it is a long post and a lot to read but I hope you will read It and share it for me.
Thank you x

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