Thursday, 11 August 2016

My cafe experience

I frist heard about this voluntary work placement  when I decided to get back into voluntary work through the Bideford voluntary centre. I found it hard at frist to try to be part of a team again as although put a mask of a exovert really deep down shy and sensitive. I got to know and respect the fellow volunteers and enjoyed diong the gardening. Sometimes the politics of the place would rear its ugly head so i just sat on the fence to stay out of this situation. I had to leave due due to moving to Holsworthy for family reasons. I was able to get the chance of  doing a second stint due to fellow volunteer moving to Holsworthy. I have to say in my own opinion that the garden and surrounding areas were in a  terrible state of disarray and through my and over voluntary worker was able to ger back to a very good standard. The journey to and from place to home was a long trek so to past time got chatting to volunteer giving life about  usual every day stuff and at time i thought  i was founded a friendship. When  the place frist got its new young vulnerable adult i was considered not able to be own to work with him due to my own disabled which in some eyes made me a vulnerable adult as well which did upset me at time,this changed and i got on well with said adult who seemed to blossom in a lot  of ways,then hear comes the punch it all changed due a lack of information and my wife getting worse. The lack of information kead to my wife wandering why i was there a problem with me being picked up which in turn lead to a very shittty nasty response from  the  voluntary worker who give me a lift a rant about why did wife ring up ,something about Facebook, children being picked up late from school, and i treatment of  them as at my beck and call then my wife got very ill which when i read message  i got very pissed off and yes i did put comments on a site on Facebook which was  wrong but then i was accused of either picking on them or having  a problem which i did not reply to as i thought mistakenly that people knew i was not that kind of person so i decided to leave to not make tge situation get worse or ruin  my reputation, was 10 years a care worker in mental health and special needs and 10 years voluntary work on different projects and never had any complaints. Don't get the wrong impression i really enjoyed my time  at this place but when things start to make you uneasy its time  to  go.

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