Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bristol pirate Blackbeard's real name was NOT Edward Teach, American historian confirms

Blackbeard 240816He is the world's most famous pirate, Bristol's finest and still notorious after 300 years, but now a definitive history of Blackbeard has claimed that the city has got it wrong.
Blackbeard's real name was Edward Thatch, not Edward Teach.
And not only has Bristol got the name of its most famous sons wrong all this time, but the city has misjudged the man – far from being a brutal and violent pirate, research now claims there is no evidence he ever killed or hurt anyone – apart from in the final battle where he himself died.
One of the world's leading historians, writers and researchers on the golden age of piracy – the seven or so years from 1712 when the Caribbean was effectively ruled by anarchic pirate fleets – Colin Woodard has written books on the subject and been the historical advisor on many a TV series and film.

But after visiting Bristol himself to research Blackbeard for a book called Republic of Pirates, he has broken the news that all the guidebooks, plaques, posters, notices on pubs and history books have been getting his name wrong all this time.
Blackbeard was from Bristol but was called Edward Thatch, and Mr Woodard said he found the first time a newspaper report - published in the Boston News-Letter - about the antics of the pirate got his name wrong, but it stuck.
"Of his life before, we still know very little," admitted Mr Woodard. "He went by Edward Thatch – not 'Teach' as many historians have said, apparently repeating an error made by the Boston more

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