Sunday, 10 April 2016

rant issue 4

holidays why do people like to shove them in your face ,the last one i had was 1 year in ilfarcombe,stayed in a b annd b with  now wife and 2 kids and on the dole ,adverts did you know if you watched your fav tv programs without them an 1 hour would be about 45 minutes long,housing assocication can not name legally are not very good at accepting critism as if you ring up thier make you feel like crap and wasting thier money ,doctors yes do a good job when you get to see the one you are under as a major pain regoing over your illness to locum ,i wonder dear rant reader do you have some rants you wish to share,when did we become scared of diong things wasit tv ,radio or just the fear factor in as ,recntly the pm was in trouble for having a tax free payment yes not illegal but a moral wrong when you wish this to stop and have the high chrome seems to not like me as every time downloD DOES NOT WORK WHICH IS A SHAME AS LIKE SOME OF APPS.

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