Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rant issue 3

Who invented  woodchip  wallpaper needs to be  put on  a firing  line  as a bit of a barstad to remove as a lot of elbow  grease is needed, when  some people  get  a cold thier make out its the end of tbe world as we know it,why is it that if you  have a radio you can get the next  county ..Cornwall. .clearly  but not own radio  devon,my wife has very  old fashioned  ways about  peoples choices, why do baddies in soaps get away  with  everything and then people  think can do in resl life,i know more about  American  political parties  tgen own as always ontv,radio and  not even  vote  thier president  yet please  i am British and  proud, i hate it when my computer  plays up or hacked  aa really  pisses me off ,yes i like a rant as helping  with  my parnoid  thoughts

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